[Quick shot] Throwback to hometown

Non classé

Everytime I need to find myself,I go back to my hometown Tetouan.It’s a really beautiful feeling of   getting back beautiful memories from a homeland like this.I really find peace in the North of Morocco,the mountains,the air it’s just amazing. Good vibes everywhere in a place like that make me feel relaxed,Too sad that I am living In Casablanca now;the probably largest city in Morocco.

I really have some beautiful memories with this roof especially the view of  the mountains and just me and the canavas and some chilling music drinking some black coffe.


Shot from Tetouan | Bab tuht,Medina

Have a good week everyone,

Much love & enjoy your youth



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I hold my brush,it’s the time of the day when i need to show my feelings,hold up what’s this ,Oh my holy kitties!! my skills where are they,oh no It’s that time of the month again.
Anyway,I tried to do a nice introduction like in books!! But can’t help it I am out of inspiration.
Wait wait, It’s summer break isn’t it ? […]  How about this one; I’ll pack my clothes, my art supplies and I’ll travel to my hometown, to the mountains of the north of Morocco. So as a self spoiler ,I went to the nearset mall and bought me this huge box that was basically used for other tools but the genuis me will use it to pack all them art tools!


So yes! tomorrow I am out to Tetouan.

Take care, happy Ramdan &
Enjoy your youth