[Today’s prose] 5 things I’ve learned from 2015

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Hello folks, I was kind of absent lately consequently of school. Furthermore, Merry Christmas for all the Christians and Happy New Year too.
In this post I am going to talk all about the things I’ve learnt in 2015, since, in few days we will be in a brand new year.

20150731_172547NUMBER ONE 1

Above all  I’ve learnt to love myself
In consideration of me being an  Anorexic pathetic teen I was the kind of person who hates, cuts, destroys her body. I was the girl who once she looks at the mirror starts crying and tries the next time she  cuts to cut deeper. We can also say that I hated getting out so people won’t look at my fat a#s!
But now I can absolutely admit that I love every single curvy piece of me .



NUMBER TWO 2Open.jpg

I’ve learnt to be grateful
As an ex-suicidal teen I was the most grate less person you’ll ever had to met. I often think now that my eyes weren’t wide open enough to see all the beautiful people who surround me to see how skillful I am to observe the beauty of this world and my own beauty.
But now I think I’ve learnt to take care of my mind of myself. I learnt to feel grateful.




I’ve learnt to think.
To be grateful I think all you need to do is to think. It’s really awkward that in my whole 15 years I never learnt to use my mind since the school don’t train you  to do so,  and my parents were busy teaching me how to eat and sit and not how to open my eyes  see the world and think.
We can say that I’ve learnt to use my mind in increasing my positivity and loving every single piece of me and being gratefully grateful

NUMBER FOUR 4smile.jpg

I’ve learnt to smile.
If you ask someone about me a year ago he will answer like “ Oh the girl with grumpy face and black hair” and now if you asked the same person he will answer  “ Yea the red head with the endless smile”
Well being a thoughtful grateful self lover will make you a good smiler ( I invented this word )






To sum up I’ve learnt
To live.



Happy new year
Intissar 🙂

Feedback 2#

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Good morning guys,

Lovely selfie with flowers to start our feedback 🙂


This feedback holds up a lot of fun, so I hope you enjoy it!


[A view of the city from the mountain of Buenan]


The best thing is watching the city from the mountais while drinking some Moroccan tea


[A close view to the tea I was drinking]


What’s better than reading « The fault in our stars » in the beach ?!


Who says summer says fish


Shrumps are one of the most delicious dishes for me


I love pizza,I love shrumps


[From Kabela’s beach]


[Another shot sand at a different beach]


This week was rainy and hot It’s contradictionally amazing

[The shot was in the Car at night while listening to « Pink floyd »]


A week without milkshake for me is a wasted week


A delicious Tajine to make the week tastier


When It’s hot I always need some fresh jus to hydrate my body


[Incredible view of mountains in the beach]


Fast food are the best in summer,

Guess someone needs to comeback to the gym and stick into a diet after summer break.


Nothing can stop me from loving Hot-dog


Me with a Moroccan version of Taylor Swift,

That’s just my sister…!


A picture of me to end the feedback of this week 🙂

Enjoy your youth