Preparing for the big exposition

Non classé

Hey my art freaks,I suppose I didn’t tell you about the big exposition that I am gonna participate in at the 17 of the next February .Of course and because of my laziness I didn’t start preparing yet. Don’t get mad I mentioned the word « yet » , and, In fact I’ve start technically preparing.well I am gonna participate with 10 artworks; I may do 5 on canavas and 5 on paper and I hope I am gonna finish re-writing my book before the new year seriously I am so lazy, give me some motivation people !!!

First thing I’ve choosed to do is to spend 4 days during a month with Miss Yanna; a Russian art teacher  and then I went to the art shop and got me some good stuff, like a really good quality brushes because I really need those


I got 4 new brushes,I Only got 4 because I am still a student and I don’t have enough money, but I tried to take a really good quality; like Marabu and Milan brands.However as you can see in the picture  I got different sizes and shape so expect from me some good art.


Next, we have some new pen,I didn’t find the pro marker or sharpies or even the posca’s and I was so upset especially It was raining and dad was on a hurry so my bestfriend who is the shop owner suggested me this permenant marker of the brand pentel ( never hured of it) and of course I took a new faber castel marker cause i screwed the other one while sketching a lot of mangas ( that what happen when you watch one season of Dragon ball on a row ) and I took a white paint marker because It’s essential « What a great way of convincing »


Here we have some blush color acrilyc paint.Nevemind scroll down !!


Here you go finally I reached this part of the post; when I am gonna talk about this babies.

So I was messing around in the shop and I was so bored from those same supplies that I use in painting , and with no mentioning it again; you know I am just a curious little freak so I went to the other section of D.I.Y’S and then I saw these spray coloring bottle that are used for shirts; But, the genuis me thought  of using it on canavas since it’s tissue after all .Indeed it remember me of the Lora Zombie’s tricks on her art works.


Take care ♥,yes it’s the end of this post

Enjoy your youth, and stay tuned for a lot of art posts comming.

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Feedback 2#

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Good morning guys,

Lovely selfie with flowers to start our feedback 🙂


This feedback holds up a lot of fun, so I hope you enjoy it!


[A view of the city from the mountain of Buenan]


The best thing is watching the city from the mountais while drinking some Moroccan tea


[A close view to the tea I was drinking]


What’s better than reading « The fault in our stars » in the beach ?!


Who says summer says fish


Shrumps are one of the most delicious dishes for me


I love pizza,I love shrumps


[From Kabela’s beach]


[Another shot sand at a different beach]


This week was rainy and hot It’s contradictionally amazing

[The shot was in the Car at night while listening to « Pink floyd »]


A week without milkshake for me is a wasted week


A delicious Tajine to make the week tastier


When It’s hot I always need some fresh jus to hydrate my body


[Incredible view of mountains in the beach]


Fast food are the best in summer,

Guess someone needs to comeback to the gym and stick into a diet after summer break.


Nothing can stop me from loving Hot-dog


Me with a Moroccan version of Taylor Swift,

That’s just my sister…!


A picture of me to end the feedback of this week 🙂

Enjoy your youth