Summer art supplies haul! [2016]

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Happy what left from summer everyone

Before starting my summer trip posts even thought it’s the beginning of Septembre, I just wanted to share what I’ve got from my last art supplies shopping  that I made on July, before I went into my trip to the North again. And these are the art supplies that I used the most on the paintings I made this summer; that I will absloutly share on a summer painting feedback, probably in the next week so it will be a very big colorful post .

Starting with the Promarker because I finally could’ve afford one *lol* or maybe I was ready to go from working only with Poscas to add some Promarkers to my artsupplies collection, and honestly I choosed the color mint green as a start since these markers blend very well and the quality is so good, and I can tell that from using the one I got that I wanted by the way to use to add some summer vibes to my paintings.

Moving to the other stuff, nothing fancy just some Faber Castel Liners and a new shade of acrilyc red paint which was on sales, and some Poscas that I run out of with the white paint marker too and a new tiny [0/3] brush and finally some new shades of my favorite spray paint! 

And to summerize my shopping I added a new casual XL Canson watercolor sketchbook that is my favourite brand to work with in sketchbooks and I just got it this time because I just found out that I am almost finishig my current sketchbook and my trip will and still going to be a long chillful one!

That’s all hope you very much enjoyed this post, enjoy your youth and stay awesome.


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