Summer art supplies haul! [2016]

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Happy what left from summer everyone

Before starting my summer trip posts even thought it’s the beginning of Septembre, I just wanted to share what I’ve got from my last art supplies shopping  that I made on July, before I went into my trip to the North again. And these are the art supplies that I used the most on the paintings I made this summer; that I will absloutly share on a summer painting feedback, probably in the next week so it will be a very big colorful post .

Starting with the Promarker because I finally could’ve afford one *lol* or maybe I was ready to go from working only with Poscas to add some Promarkers to my artsupplies collection, and honestly I choosed the color mint green as a start since these markers blend very well and the quality is so good, and I can tell that from using the one I got that I wanted by the way to use to add some summer vibes to my paintings.

Moving to the other stuff, nothing fancy just some Faber Castel Liners and a new shade of acrilyc red paint which was on sales, and some Poscas that I run out of with the white paint marker too and a new tiny [0/3] brush and finally some new shades of my favorite spray paint! 

And to summerize my shopping I added a new casual XL Canson watercolor sketchbook that is my favourite brand to work with in sketchbooks and I just got it this time because I just found out that I am almost finishig my current sketchbook and my trip will and still going to be a long chillful one!

That’s all hope you very much enjoyed this post, enjoy your youth and stay awesome.



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As promised, the exposition post is here but unfortunately not a lot of pictures.It was a busy evening so I haven’t got the time to take some good shots, but still, It didn’t make the exposition a fail at all, in fact It was an amazing experience.



To start, the exposition was in this beautiful big Church called « Cathédrale Sacré-Coeur ». Honestly, I really liked the fact of having the opportunity to visit this place since I am not from the same religion as the people who attend it frequently, and I absolutely loved the colorful aesthetic which made the exposition so beautiful.


As obvious in the shot, there were a lot of artists and visitors; which made the exposition a big event full of colorful ideas, without forgetting to mention the activites whichever were absolutely interesting, and the amazing ceremony of the artist diploma giving under some deep traditional Andalusian classical music (Moroccan classic music).

IMG-20160225-WA0009 From my side, and the obvious bad quality of the picture, I have participated with 6 different art works that I sadly haven’t take a full or even a great shot of them, and that is kind of disappointing from a blog post but I try my best to share and describe the most as possible. Moving forward the 6 artworks were in fact; 3 on canvas and 3 on paper, with 2 Oil paint ( canvas), 1 Acrylic paint ( Canvas), 2 Pastel oil (paper)and 1 with colorful wax (paper).


That’s all for this post, I hope I get the chance to share all these artworks  with a better quality  in another post also It was honestly a very good experience and I hope to have the opportunity to remeet those amazing people and improve my art skills.


Notice: This event was on the 24 of this year’s February.

Enjoy your youth and take care! 


[Today’s prose] 5 things I’ve learned from 2015

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Hello folks, I was kind of absent lately consequently of school. Furthermore, Merry Christmas for all the Christians and Happy New Year too.
In this post I am going to talk all about the things I’ve learnt in 2015, since, in few days we will be in a brand new year.

20150731_172547NUMBER ONE 1

Above all  I’ve learnt to love myself
In consideration of me being an  Anorexic pathetic teen I was the kind of person who hates, cuts, destroys her body. I was the girl who once she looks at the mirror starts crying and tries the next time she  cuts to cut deeper. We can also say that I hated getting out so people won’t look at my fat a#s!
But now I can absolutely admit that I love every single curvy piece of me .



NUMBER TWO 2Open.jpg

I’ve learnt to be grateful
As an ex-suicidal teen I was the most grate less person you’ll ever had to met. I often think now that my eyes weren’t wide open enough to see all the beautiful people who surround me to see how skillful I am to observe the beauty of this world and my own beauty.
But now I think I’ve learnt to take care of my mind of myself. I learnt to feel grateful.




I’ve learnt to think.
To be grateful I think all you need to do is to think. It’s really awkward that in my whole 15 years I never learnt to use my mind since the school don’t train you  to do so,  and my parents were busy teaching me how to eat and sit and not how to open my eyes  see the world and think.
We can say that I’ve learnt to use my mind in increasing my positivity and loving every single piece of me and being gratefully grateful

NUMBER FOUR 4smile.jpg

I’ve learnt to smile.
If you ask someone about me a year ago he will answer like “ Oh the girl with grumpy face and black hair” and now if you asked the same person he will answer  “ Yea the red head with the endless smile”
Well being a thoughtful grateful self lover will make you a good smiler ( I invented this word )






To sum up I’ve learnt
To live.



Happy new year
Intissar 🙂

[Quick shot] Throwback to hometown

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Everytime I need to find myself,I go back to my hometown Tetouan.It’s a really beautiful feeling of   getting back beautiful memories from a homeland like this.I really find peace in the North of Morocco,the mountains,the air it’s just amazing. Good vibes everywhere in a place like that make me feel relaxed,Too sad that I am living In Casablanca now;the probably largest city in Morocco.

I really have some beautiful memories with this roof especially the view of  the mountains and just me and the canavas and some chilling music drinking some black coffe.


Shot from Tetouan | Bab tuht,Medina

Have a good week everyone,

Much love & enjoy your youth

Preparing for the big exposition

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Hey my art freaks,I suppose I didn’t tell you about the big exposition that I am gonna participate in at the 17 of the next February .Of course and because of my laziness I didn’t start preparing yet. Don’t get mad I mentioned the word « yet » , and, In fact I’ve start technically preparing.well I am gonna participate with 10 artworks; I may do 5 on canavas and 5 on paper and I hope I am gonna finish re-writing my book before the new year seriously I am so lazy, give me some motivation people !!!

First thing I’ve choosed to do is to spend 4 days during a month with Miss Yanna; a Russian art teacher  and then I went to the art shop and got me some good stuff, like a really good quality brushes because I really need those


I got 4 new brushes,I Only got 4 because I am still a student and I don’t have enough money, but I tried to take a really good quality; like Marabu and Milan brands.However as you can see in the picture  I got different sizes and shape so expect from me some good art.


Next, we have some new pen,I didn’t find the pro marker or sharpies or even the posca’s and I was so upset especially It was raining and dad was on a hurry so my bestfriend who is the shop owner suggested me this permenant marker of the brand pentel ( never hured of it) and of course I took a new faber castel marker cause i screwed the other one while sketching a lot of mangas ( that what happen when you watch one season of Dragon ball on a row ) and I took a white paint marker because It’s essential « What a great way of convincing »


Here we have some blush color acrilyc paint.Nevemind scroll down !!


Here you go finally I reached this part of the post; when I am gonna talk about this babies.

So I was messing around in the shop and I was so bored from those same supplies that I use in painting , and with no mentioning it again; you know I am just a curious little freak so I went to the other section of D.I.Y’S and then I saw these spray coloring bottle that are used for shirts; But, the genuis me thought  of using it on canavas since it’s tissue after all .Indeed it remember me of the Lora Zombie’s tricks on her art works.


Take care ♥,yes it’s the end of this post

Enjoy your youth, and stay tuned for a lot of art posts comming.

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Hello blog people ! I am officially back on The youth of Intissar.

I am really sorry for stopping the posts; I was on holidays then High school started and I was on this really me and myself time.

So,fresh start ?


Moreover I spent the holidays in the North of Morocco,as you know I am a junior in high school,stuff went well so far.Anyway we are not here to talk about me,but about the blog in general.

So somehow I just came up with some good Ideas for the blog, so pratically I can say I’ve got my full motivation back!! Who’s ready ?!


Picture taken in Chefchaouen

Enjoy your youth,


Feedback 2#

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Good morning guys,

Lovely selfie with flowers to start our feedback 🙂


This feedback holds up a lot of fun, so I hope you enjoy it!


[A view of the city from the mountain of Buenan]


The best thing is watching the city from the mountais while drinking some Moroccan tea


[A close view to the tea I was drinking]


What’s better than reading « The fault in our stars » in the beach ?!


Who says summer says fish


Shrumps are one of the most delicious dishes for me


I love pizza,I love shrumps


[From Kabela’s beach]


[Another shot sand at a different beach]


This week was rainy and hot It’s contradictionally amazing

[The shot was in the Car at night while listening to « Pink floyd »]


A week without milkshake for me is a wasted week


A delicious Tajine to make the week tastier


When It’s hot I always need some fresh jus to hydrate my body


[Incredible view of mountains in the beach]


Fast food are the best in summer,

Guess someone needs to comeback to the gym and stick into a diet after summer break.


Nothing can stop me from loving Hot-dog


Me with a Moroccan version of Taylor Swift,

That’s just my sister…!


A picture of me to end the feedback of this week 🙂

Enjoy your youth 




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First feedback everyone !! who’s ready ?




The whole week was hot and sunny,little bit cloudy with a touch of wind in the weekend but that’s okay,I mean it’s summer 😉


As usual everyday in the afternoon while watching the sunset I like to sit here in the rooftop,me, paint, canvas and the mountains, alone with some music on.



Who says summer says beach and who says Intissar in the beach says a girl trying to get shots.

What I love the most about summer is summer nights. By the way,this shot is from a rooftop in the mountains,I tried to shoot both of the moon and the city but my camera only focused on the moon that honestly ended up looking like a somehow led.
It looks pretty anyway!


Obviously at the beach.


That’s all for the feedback of this week.

I hope you enjoyed it !!
Ps: I know my life is boring, So I hope Marilyn will make this feedback better ?



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I hold my brush,it’s the time of the day when i need to show my feelings,hold up what’s this ,Oh my holy kitties!! my skills where are they,oh no It’s that time of the month again.
Anyway,I tried to do a nice introduction like in books!! But can’t help it I am out of inspiration.
Wait wait, It’s summer break isn’t it ? […]  How about this one; I’ll pack my clothes, my art supplies and I’ll travel to my hometown, to the mountains of the north of Morocco. So as a self spoiler ,I went to the nearset mall and bought me this huge box that was basically used for other tools but the genuis me will use it to pack all them art tools!


So yes! tomorrow I am out to Tetouan.

Take care, happy Ramdan &
Enjoy your youth